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From: "Darron, Darron The Witch, The Witch"
Subject: Continuation - Dream Boy - Chapter 12 by Danny The Witch"Tell me why. Tell me why. Tell free cum underage free underage naked me why.
The White man said,
It's a cross of changes?For many years, we took refuge,
Without the chance of heaven we gave up.
There is no god who ever tried
To change the world in this way
And for the ones who abuse his name,
They'll be no chance to escape,
On Judgment Day. -Enigma (Cross Of Changes)
"Here where you are standing,
Dinosaurs did a dance,
The Indians told a story
Now it has come to pass
The Indians had a legend.Children of the white man
Saw Indians on TV
Heard about the legend
How their city was a dreamWe live, in the city of dreams.Underneath the concrete,
The dream is still alive
A hundred thousand life-times
The dream will never die." -David Byrne, Talking Heads (City of Dreams)
Dream Boy
Danny The WitchChapter 12. The DreamFor Lyanna
I was on a beach. I was naked. In front of me was a
huge bon-fire. The flames shot up into the night. Twenty
or thirty feet. All around me were children of various ages.; Indian
children; all males. They were all naked, and they were
dancing and chanting. Scores of them, between nine and
fourteen years of age. Their chanting was melodic and they
were all in harmony. But their chant was more than a song. It was
spiritual. It was a wish, it was a dream. I don't know how I knew this. I could feel it. I was
the only white boy there and yet, I was in the circle, and I
was chanting too, and I was accepted, as though I were one
of them. There was only one adult that I saw. An old man. He
looked like he was about eighty years old, maybe older. He
was in the center of the circle, standing next to the fire,
close enough underage boobs pics to be burned, and yet he wasn't. He was
apparently the medicine man. I could feel the power of his
magic, it was like a magnet. It kept all of us boys in
orbit around the great fire, around the great prophet, the
great magician, the master. And as I watched, the children became more amorous with
one another. Soon a boy orgy was in full force-all underage girls stripping
while the great medicine man stood like a stone, his eyes
pure will and magic. As boys of pairing ages began to enjoy each other
erotically, I myself, could not escape the hypnotizing stare
of the great Indian. Our eyes met, and through his eyes I
saw the numerous couples engaging one another in an ancient
magical ritual. I saw young boys, paired with older boys-the younger
ones playing the female; japanese underaged the passive role. I saw them
become one with each other. And then as the circle became
smaller, two more boys became one, and the circle grew
smaller. And as I watched through the eyes of the great
Indian, I saw the circle become smaller, the boys become
fewer, until there was only two left. A little Indian boy barely nine years old, and an older
Indian boy about fourteen. They were both beautiful.
Darker skin, but beautiful none the less. They both
stood in front of underage nudist romania me, as naked as all of the nature which
surrounded us. As naked as the great fire burning behind
us. The younger one had no body hair, and had an erection
of about 4 inches in length comically sticking out in front
of him. In spite of that, he showed no shame or
embarrasement. The older teen boy, was just as hairless, although his
erection was about five and half inches and just as erect as
the younger lad. They drew my attention away from the Medicine Man and
his hypnotic pupils. The younger one spoke first saying, "Come, become one
with us." And then the older one reached forward and started
fondling my now erect penis. The younger one also reached
out his hand and between the two of them they manipulated me
to full hardness while the old Indian starred on, his face
frozen in stony expression-an expression as mysterious as
the mysteries he possessed. I stared at the great Indian looking underage nudist romania for a sign, and
just when I was beginning to think perhaps he really was a
statue of some sort, he broke the illusion of stillness, and
he moved. Just a slight nod of his head- The little one immediately reached up and grabbed the
back of my neck with his two little hands, and pulled underaged girl fucking me
down to his level, and upon doing so planted his lips on
mine and engaged me into a passionate kiss. He opened his
mouth and teased my tongue to come out and to enter his
mouth. The kiss was magical. And the passion of it was
equaled only by the great fire burning behind us. My own hands instinctively reached behind the young
boy's head and pulled his face tighter towards my own. And
as if in natural reaction, the boy sucked on my tongue
inside of his mouth as though he were going to attempt to
swallow it. My groins were on fire; my now uncircumcised
cock standing out at full hardness. The young boy guided me underaged petites down towards the sand, the
earth, and in one fluid and amazing natural motion, he sat
down and layed down on his back, pulling me down on top of
him, and wrapping his smooth slender legs around my
midsection as we never broke apart the sacred kiss. And then the boy broke the kiss and whispered, "I want
all of you," and with one hand he grabbed my cock, gently
stroking it, and simultaneously lifted his legs up into the
air, holding them up above his head with his other hand. I glanced at the old Indian, and he only slightly
nodded. I spit into my hand, and then used that to jacket my
cock with my own saliva. The boy then grabbed my cock and guided it towards his
smooth hole. He whispered, "push," and I did so, and at the
same moment, the boy rocked forward a bit and the entire
length of my erection went up into the little boy. He could only hold his balance rocking this far forward
for a second, and then his natural center of gravity pulled
him all the way back onto his back, and at the same time my
cock almost fully exited his little body. And then he rocked forward again, and my dick fully
entered him again. I let the young lad rock himself, fuck himself with my
cock in this way. It felt good. It felt right. The boy
had a smile nudist underage on his face even though his efforts were a bit
exorcizing. While the young Indian boy was rocking himself back and
forth butt-fucking himself with my cock. The older Indian
boy-who was underage exhibitionist
physically older than me now by several years, came
around and straddled the young rocking indian boy, and
leaned in to kiss me as well. The instant out lips met, he forced his tongue inside
of my mouth. I sucked on it, like the nine year old sucked
on my tongue. To add dramatic effect-the older boy pulled and pushed
his tongue into my mouth as though he were fucking my
lips-my mouth with his tongue. The passion of it was hotter
than pictures underage tits
the fire burning behind underage handjob girls
us. All the while, kinder underage pics my cock is
going in and out of the younger Indian boy still rock-
fucking himself on my dick. And as I fucked and kissed, me and the younger Indian
boy became one. I felt myself become even younger until I
was nine years old physically again, and it was only me and
the older boy left. The older boy eased me down onto the sand, onto my
back. He straddled my chest and pressed his hard cock up
against my lips. His cock seemed huge. Even though he only
appeared about fourteen, his cock was about five and a half
inches and thick. Amazingly, no public hair at all. But then again,
neither did the great Indian show any public hair, the great
Indian who was still standing behind us. "Say I want all of you," he said as I sucked excitedly
on his large phallus. "I want all of you," I said. The older boy then took his cock out of my mouth, after I
got it nice and lubed up, lifted my feet up over my head and
motioned for me to grab my ankles and hold them there. The older boy then pressed his large cock up against my
smooth hole and held it there for a moment. "I want all of you," The great Indian little naked underage
said from behind
me. "I want all of you," I said. And in response the older boy entered me. Not slow,
but not cruelly fast either. He entered me deliberately and
steadily pushed his almost six inches all of the way up into me.
He then held it there for a moment to let me get used to the
pain, a little uncomfortable since he pushed in so
deliberately. And then proceeded to fuck me hotter than the
fire. In a couple of minutes the older boy began to fade
away, and right at the moment underage rape vids that I felt his ejaculate
inside of me, we became one completely. I stood up, and there was only me and the ancient
Indian man. "You are one of us now," he said shaking slightly from
what might have been palsy. Pointing towards my crotch he
said, free underage naked "You are no underage hacked porn longer divided." I shruged my shoulders. It sounded encryptic. Once again
he pointed towards my crotch. I looked down and was quite surprised to see underneath
of my male genetilia, the perfect female genetelia as well. The ancient Indian held out his hand and said, "Come my
virgin child and be my wife, so we can become one. I have
so much to show you." And then I watched as the ancient Indian's face cracked
apart and fell to pieces as old limestone, and then as
though a fracture that lead to a great earthquake, I watched
his whole body crumble. And from within the old shell I saw a new body. The
body of a young male, only slightly older than myself. He took my hand and we flew up into the night sky, and
he entered my femininity; taking my virginity, as we zoomed
upwards towards the ancent constellations. "Who are you?" I asked with a slight squeal as I felt
his cock break my hyman. `Well- I was a virgin-for about two
minutes,' I thought to myself. "Don't you know?" he said, "I am you. And you are me.
And we are both one." We zoomed upwards, and backwards in time, until the
earth was young, and there were not yet any people. We
passed by the eons that flew and danced around us like
fireflies, bright red and glowing like laser light. We saw
the spaceships and the Greys-the mother ships all over the
earth, manipulating the terrain-making mountains, and lakes,
and rivers and valleys. They appeared to be both working
together, obviously this was before the underage incest fucking war began-over man. We zoomed backwards more; going backwards in underage picture gallery time
farther still. Until there were only the inner planets;
Mercury, the Earth, and Venus, and Mars. Venus; the goddess of love, Aphrodite, the goddess of
sex; Lucifer the angel of light. We saw the morning star,
run tracers around the solar system - forming the most
ancient of symbols. Never a symbol was made that was not
made father underage daughter by the hand of man. The pentagram kinder underage pics lit up the night sky. The Pentagram was
there before man was born. The pentagram was there before
the Earth was hospitable. Before the dinosaurs, there was
the pentagram; the planet Venus as it made its way around
the sun. The bright and morning star. And we went back in time even further still, until
there was nothing, except the Indian and myself who were now
one-there I was, before mankind, before the Earth, before
the stars, there I was, with the Eons, and the Greys, and
one other. "Hi Derrick," The voice said to me. "Hello, who are you?" "I'm the one who loves you." And then, I awoke, and I found myself once more in
paradise. "Wake up sleepy head-Its Christmas Day!!!" I looked up and I saw the familiar voice of the only
heavenly host I had ever had the pleasure of being
introduced to. "Mich--," I croaked, "Did you know that your parents
are worried sick over you!?"End Chapter 12.[Author: There is more coming very soon. I promise. This
was just to wet your lips and get you naked underage video
re-involved with the
story- Please email me at darronthewitchyahoo.com for
comments. Thanks again - DTW. P.S. Sorry I took so long to
get back to this story.]

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